Illustration Directories

16 04 2008

My first year freelancing I bought a page in the Directory of Illustration. They had been actively pursuing me to advertise with them for a while, and I decided if I’m going to freelance — I’m going to do it right. I’ll buy a page and see how it goes. I got my first “real” job from that ad. When I say “real” I mean that I didn’t know this company prior to them contacting me. I had been getting jobs, but all from people and businesses I had already worked with before going full-time freelance. So I thought I had made a good decision in getting the page in the book! Although, the job did not pay for the page, it was about a month after the book was published and I had plenty of time for more jobs to come from this amazing page! Except they never came. But I gave it the benefit of the doubt and bought another page the next year. I thought, “I got a job from it last year, so I must have done something right” Well, that next year, I didn’t get any jobs then either. So I was discouraged and out a butt-load of money. I decided that I won’t be going that route again. 

…Until, I got an amazing offer from another directory. The Black Book. They offered me an amazing price to switch to their book. So I did. We will see if they are more successful in getting me new clients than the other book, but I feel confident that they have a higher class clientele. All illustrators in the book are juried. Whereas, in the other book, anyone with the money could buy a page in the book. So, I feel as though I am among better illustrators. Which could be a good or a bad thing… Either they will overshadow me and I will get lost in the book, or I will be looked at with a higher regard. (Hopefully, the latter). 

Here is the page that I have designed:

Black Book

Click on it to see it larger. I used the hands because they are on my website, and for anyone who knows just a little bit about Michelangelo, they will recognize the pose as reminiscent of the hands in the Creation of Adam. I used that to my advantage here with my title at the top saying “Traditional Illustrations & Innovative Designs” The hand on the left using the traditional medium of watercolor and colored pencils, to the hand on the right drawn on the computer using Illustrator. From Traditional to Innovative. Plus, how can you get more traditional than Michelangelo? One of the greatest artists to ever walk this earth?




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