New Website!

17 04 2008

Artsake GalleryFor my latest project, I was working on Artsake Art Gallery’s website! There are minor updates that still need to be made, but the hardest part is up and running!

I designed the entire website along with the drawing on the homepage, which is shown on the left. Artsake Gallery is a gallery/frameshop in Tolland, CT.

Jen Hopkins runs the shop, while her dog, Lenny, watches. Jen has been running this frame shop for as long as I can remember; it used to be located down the street in the plaza next to Colonial Gardens. I took art lessons from her when I was younger when I discovered that I wanted to be an artist! She no longer gives art lessons, but she is active in the art-happenings around Tolland. The building used to be the old firehouse in town… and no, there is no fire pole! 

Her gallery is located on the bottom floor where the firetrucks used to be parked. She lives above the gallery in the restored house. It’s a beautiful post and beam construction with an amazing old kitchen. There are shows going on periodically throughout the year. I’ll probably be in a couple of these shows myself, so I’ll make sure to keep you updated!





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