21 04 2008

Inspiration is a fickle thing. Sometimes you can search for it never find it. Other times, it finds you. It’s that magical mix of thoughts and memories and things going on around you. That “ding!” that just hits you on your head and comes out of your pencil. 

Here are some things that help me get inspiration:

  • Going to the book store: There are so many great things at the book store. Not necessarily just in the art section either. There are books about just about everything you could think of!
  • Going for a walk: Get yourself lost somewhere. Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Bring your sketchbook and if you see something neat, sketch it out, get it on paper, or just write about it.

Here are some things that tend to stifle inspiration:

  • Watching TV: turning off your brain and watching endless reruns of America’s Next Top Model will not help you become the next Picasso. (Although, sometimes necessary after a long night of drinking!)
  • Same old, same old: Doing the same old thing day after day, week after week will bring you into a rhythm that is very hard to get out of. Go away for the weekend, or out for dinner during the week. Try something new and different!

In any case, it’s all about variety. The more variety you have in your life, the more inspiration tends to come and hit you on the head! Inspiration, like many things in life, can even come when you least expect it. So keep on trying new things, and even if you don’t get inspired, at least you’ll have a good time trying!




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