29 04 2008

ArtBistro is a community website that brings members of the visual art community together to network, advance careers, and to foster a community with exclusive benefits where information about artists and designers is provided by artists and designers.

I have my portfolio up on Artbistro here. It’s a great website if you have questions about materials, or career advice. There are so many great people on this site and they are all so helpful and willing to contribute. 

You can see new portfolio pieces people have uploaded along with the top rated and most popular. You can filter the portfolios according to the category as well. Say you wanted to only see illustrations. Click on the drop down menu and you will only see pieces that have been classified as illustrations.

There is also a forum section where you can ask questions, and just have any general questions as well.  Although, as I’m writing this, I noticed that they have just redesigned the forum section. There are many more gadgets to learn now! Well, that just goes to show that this site is always adapting and morphing into something new and better. 

Also, I was the featured artist on this website on Sunday! I was featured on the homepage of their site and I was also in an email blast that was sent out to lots of people (I have no idea how many…) ArtBistro is owned by Monster, so there are links to finding jobs on this site as well as schools that teach art.

Overall, this site is a wonderful tool, whether you are just starting out and want to join an artistic community or are an established artist and would like to contribute and communicate with other artists.




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10 06 2008

Sara, you are a great illustrator. I’m glad that you like ArtBistro. You are a great user!

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