Pros and Cons

1 05 2008

There are pros and cons that go along with freelancing. The pros are obvious. You get to work from home, your hours are flexible, and you get to work on lots of different projects. The part that I like the best is working on different projects all the time. The variety brings something different to the table every day. And the more I do different things, the more experience I get. I take my experience and apply it to all the different projects I’m working on. 

Some of the cons of freelancing are obvious, some, not so much. Not knowing when you’re going to get paid is a struggle. It’s good to save up some money and have a safety net before quitting your full time job and going freelance. One of the not-so-obvious cons of freelancing is that you’re working from home.  Wait, did I just list this as a pro AND a con? Yes, and I’ll tell you why. When you’re working with people day in and day out, and they don’t understand how you work — with your headphones on, so you can concentrate and drown out the outside world — it can be refreshing to work from home away from all that. But then you’re alone. All by yourself in your own little world. Where no one notices if you stop for a half an hour to write your blog, or surf the internet or get a snack. There’s not one person around to talk to about how crazy Paula is on American Idol, and what you’re going to do this weekend. It gets kind of lonely. 

But I also do work on-site for various companies. This lets me get out and meet new people. I love meeting interesting people! 

There are definitely some things to consider before freelancing full-time, but if you have the drive and commitment, and it’s something you really enjoy, you should definitely make the leap. 




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