Mother’s Day Present

13 05 2008

My Aunt Jane came to me with a proposal for Mother’s Day. She wanted me to do a drawing of her son’s dog for his wife (her daughter-in-law). They have two children and just recently inherited this dog from a family friend. The two boys, Sean and Ryan take very good care of Kodi. (It was actually Ryan’s idea, that I draw the dog for his mom!) So I agreed with no hesitation. I love drawing animals, especially dogs. 

KodiHere is the picture of the dog that I drew. When Aunt Jane had given it to Nancy, her expression was priceless! The best part of giving someone a present like this is experiencing it when they first lay eyes on it. 

This was created in colored pencil on a cream colored paper. The cream brought out a certain hue in his coat that would have been lost otherwise. (the scan doesn’t do it justice.) I created it 8×10 so she has the choice to buy her own standard frame or get it professionally framed — at Artsake Gallery

Email me if you would like me to draw your own pet, or if you would like me to create a gift for a loved one.

I usually need a couple of different pictures, so I can see the distinctive markings on each pet, and get a general feeling of the animal’s personality. I am not limited to dogs either, I am eager and willing to draw any kind of animal you could throw at me… but please don’t throw your pet at me! 




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