New! Improved! Beer!

30 05 2008

The RedB

Click on the picture for a better view!

The RedB is a new type of beer that my boyfriend, Brendan Chapman, has brewed. It is a red brew flavored with a hint of honey. The name comes from the “B” of Brendan’s name, and the color of the beer being red. Flip those around and you get a Red Bee!

I drew the red bee with colored pencils on red paper. I then scanned in the drawing and brought it into illustrator where I put the text into the drawing and also created the top and back labels.





One response

31 05 2008

Very cool design! Sounds good too.

Re: Lostpedia – I KNOW. I went there on Friday after the finale, and spent about two hours there when I should have been working. I felt proud of myself for actually having something to contribute until I realized that it’s not really one of those things one should be proud about… Ha.

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