Cool Scupltures by Jennifer Maestre

5 06 2008

I did an image search for a pencil the other day and came across this:


It’s a sculpture that is made entirely out of tiny sharpened pencils! This sculpture in particular reminds me of the monster-plant from Little Shop of Horrors… “FEED ME SEYMOUR!”  hee hee! Anyway… These sculptures are really neat and I went to her website, she’s got a bunch of them, and each one is more interesting than the next. Here are a few more:



I think these are just so cool. They are prickely and smooth, inviting and repelling. I want to touch it, but it would probably hurt! Jennifer was inspired by sea urchins. Her first sea urchin-like sculpture was created in her last year at Massachusetts College of Art. It was made of silver and contained a pearl in a secret compartment on the inside. The only way to get to the secret compartment was to pull on a spike. I love the juxtaposition of these sculptures. They are fascinating! The fact that you have to touch something that may hurt you to get the treasure is genius! I love it!

She creates these sculptures by cutting the pencils into one inch sections and sharpening them. She then drills a hole and stitches them together like beads. It creates an organic, clean way of assembling these creatures. 

To see more of her work please visit her website here:  You can also see photos of some her work in 500 Baskets, & 500 Beaded Objects, published by Lark books.




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26 04 2010
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