Illustration Gallery

8 07 2008

I was in Plum Island, MA last month and stumbled upon Child At Heart Gallery. They have a lot of different originals, prints and posters for sale and they are all by illustrators! Everything they sell was once published in a book. I was awestruck. I want to be in this gallery. They had a vintage poster from 1971 of Maurice Sendak’s work. They had Dr. Seuss prints. They even had limited edition giclee’s of Mary GrandPre’s pieces. She is the pastel artist who illustrated the cover of all seven Harry Potter books! 

I wanted to get something at this gallery. Something original. But all the original paintings/drawings were expensive (as they should be!). So maybe next time I go, I’ll save up some dough and purchase something original!

There was one piece. One piece that caught my eye. It is not original, it is a poster, but it is beautiful. It’s called Fairies by Trina Schart Hyman. She has illustrated over 100 books. This particular piece was in a book of fairy poems published in 1980. My amazing boyfriend saw that I liked this piece and decided to buy this poster for me and get it framed for my birthday. Here is a picture of the framed poster:


Fairy Drawing


The poem that was featured with this pen and ink drawing:
By Eleanor Farjeon

Don’t go looking for fairies,
They’ll fly away if you do.
You never can see the fairies
Till they come looking for you. 

Isn’t it beautiful? Even the framing is gorgeous. (It’s done by Jenny at Artsake Gallery. I did the website for her). This is a great gallery for everyone that loves children’s books, or even, anyone who ever read a children’s book! Someday I will be featured in this gallery! I’m working on it!

Here’s the website again: although if you enjoy illustrations, you really should go see it in person. It’s a small gallery, but has a lot of artwork in it!




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