Illustration Friday – Foggy

17 07 2008

Strolling in the woods at dawn,
through the fog I spotted a fawn
Though I could barely see his face,
he was small and full of grace.
He seemed to sense me that very morning.
Then, took off without a warning.

This is something quick for Illustration Friday, a little wet-on-wet watercolor painting. It’s a little different than I usually paint, a little more free-flowing. I hope that with these Illustration Friday exercises, I will learn how to let go, and just create instead of being so caught up with making everything perfect. When I want something to be perfect, I tend not to reach that goal, and get frustrated before it’s complete.




9 responses

17 07 2008
wee ellen

Wow! When I first looked at this I stared in amazement at how perfectly you translated an albino deer in the fog. Then I read your comment and realized you are more specific in calculating your lines and that this was an expirament. Well, you would have NEVER known if you hadn’t mentioned it…that’s for sure!

17 07 2008
Roberta Baird

It’s perfect!!!! Wow!

18 07 2008

beautiful and delicate, just perfect!! thank you for the inspiration!

18 07 2008

This is such a subtle illustration! Very nice, I like ist a lot!

18 07 2008
Bella Sinclair

Oh, this is really beautiful. Very dreamy and perfectly misty. Well done!!!

18 07 2008

Nice – yhea with art and illustration its difficult not to get to caught up in the ideal wanting it to be something specific. Much better to just let that go and let your creativity carry itself. Who knows where it will lead 😉 (having said that there is also nothing wrong with working toward a goal.)

21 07 2008

It IS perfect… can’t stop admiring this. As always, you make me wish I could draw.

21 07 2008
Ana María

It´s really nice, subtle and deep at the same time.

21 07 2008

Thanks for all the great comments!

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