Relay for Life Raffle!

11 09 2008

Last year I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It was such a great experience. Desiree and I raised over $4000 collectively over the course of the year and each walked 39 miles in two days. We camped out with the other Avon walkers, met lots of interesting people and had a great time! We had so much fun, but it was a LOT of work.

This year we have decided to walk in the Relay for Life at the University of Hartford. The walk is on October 3rd (less than a month away!) and my goal is to raise $400 by then. We decided our team name is Gotham’s Finest because of our love for the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight. 

These are four of my favorite pieces that I have created. The first two Can Music Save Your Mortal Soul and Serendipity are done in watercolor. The last two Sandman and The Frog Prince are created in colored pencils.

For every $10 you donate through my page to the American Cancer Society your name will be entered into a drawing for one of these prints. There will be one drawing on October 3rd, and the winner will be able to choose one of the prints I have listed above. There’s something for everyone! For anyone who has already donated money — your name has already been entered. Feel free to pass this info along to anyone you think might enjoy these prints! 

Click here to go to my page and donate to the American Cancer Society. If you don’t want to donate online, you can download the offline donation form and send it to the address indicated on my page.

So please click this link and help me reach my goal. Everyone knows someone who has been afflicted with this terrible disease. Please join me and many others in the fight to eradicate cancer.

Let me know if you have any questions you can email me directly or leave a comment!

Relay for Life




2 responses

1 10 2008

“….We decided our team name is Gotham’s Finest because of our love for the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight.” You crack me up.

My Batmobile is always available to you Sarah. When I retire, I am going to open a new business renting out the “BatSignal” at fairs, car dealerships & New opening movies. I will be the only one will a search light in the sky with the calling card of the “Caped Crusader.”

Sarah… Maybe be can (Ebay) auction off an album design cover & donate proceeds ? Around Christmas ? See you later, BatGirl. Same Bat time, Same Bat station.

carl Slicer. Editor, BandSpace.FM

2 10 2008
Relay for Life - 2 days left! « I am drawn to you.

[…] To learn more about the raffle and the prints you could win, click here. […]

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