Ah the life of a freelancer!

19 09 2008

I love the flexibility of a freelance career. I can choose my jobs. I can choose where and when I work, and if I don’t like the client, I can say “I’m too busy” or “It doesn’t fit into my schedule right now.” Currently, I actually am pretty busy, but I try to fit as much as I can into my schedule. I am on an assignment right now, working full time for a few months. I’m also juggling freelance jobs and commissions for greeting cards and portraits of pets, people, children and houses. Ever since my show has been up at the Arts of Tolland, I’ve had such a great response from the community! 

I met with a lovely couple today for a drawing I will be doing from a photograph when they were younger. I love being able to meet so many different people while doing this. Everyone that comes into see my artwork has a story as to why they are there. Some got lost and needed directions. Some were wandering around the green and decided to stop in, and then there’s others who actually came to see the art! Some art lovers, and other artists themselves. Either way, it’s great to talk to the people in the neighborhood and meet someone new at every turn. I need to make more time to meet people. Meet more people within the community, within the surrounding communities. 

That’s what this blog is for. I will be promoting my services and telling you more and more about what I do here. So stay tuned! I am, by no means, a one-trick-pony. How will everyone know what I have to offer if I don’t tell them…




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