The life of a freelancer… part 2

25 09 2008

Today I had the day off… or so I thought. I have been taking some days off from my full time assignment recently to catch up on the other things I’ve been working on. Today was one of those days I have “off”. And as the life of a freelancer goes – you must be flexible. So I got a call from an art director yesterday asking me to work last night and into today. Sure! I said. I thought I’d be able to do most of it last night, and still do the things that I had planned. Turns out it took longer than expected, and I worked most of the day. On top of that I had a funeral to go to, and I had to drop off some things to my friend’s house because she was having a party. A party that I was planning on going to… 


So there are some sacrifices that one must pay to be a freelancer. I must be flexible. Although this art director called me at the last minute, he pays well, so I try not to turn down work if I have the time. Along with being flexible I have to be resilient! I am now halfway refreshed and ready to do the work I thought I would get done today… (right after I write this) It helps that my friends are forgiving and understanding. I love my work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I tried working full time and I wasn’t myself. I am me now. I like being me.

PS – I really wish I could show you what I was working on today, but because of confidentiality agreements and all that legal mumbo jumbo — I can’t. But I can tell you it was a digital illustration for an event marketing company. It’s kind of cool! You should see it! oh wait. you can’t.  😛




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