Custom Xmas Cards

6 10 2008

I love making cards. I make cards for every occasion: birthday, anniversary, xmas, get well, thank you. I make notecards as well. Last year I made a Christmas card for a client that looked like this:

She sent this card out to all her friends at Christmas time. Consequently, one of her friends really liked the card but wanted a German Shepherd on the card instead. So this year, I did this card for the new client:

I did a whole new painting for the new card, and they get to keep the original! I can reprint more cards at any time. I can also put YOUR pet on this Christmas card! I can create cards from a portrait of your children or your pets. You get to keep the portrait and hang it on your wall and then you can send out the cards to friends and family! To see more cards that I have created click here.

Visit my website for more samples of work, or contact me for more details.




3 responses

19 10 2008

hihi…too cute!

13 11 2010
Complete Kitchen ·

i would have to make more christmas cards becuase next month is december already **-

14 11 2010

There is still time for me to create cards for you! What are you looking for?

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