Relay for Life was a success!

6 10 2008

The Relay for Life I participated in this past Friday was a success! I raised $230 and I raffled off a print of my work to someone who donated to my fund. The lucky winner has chosen the Frog Prince print:

The walk started at 5pm on Friday night, and we walked throughout the night until 8 in the morning. We took a few breaks throughout the night, but just like the last walk we did; as long as we kept walking it was fine, once you stop is when your feet start to hurt and your legs tense up. So we just kept on walking! There was one other thing I did not anticipate, and that was the weather. It didn’t rain at all (thank goodness!) but it was FREEZING! We were walking around with our blankets on us, and went inside to warm up. Next time we do this, it will definitely be in the warmer months… I would also like to get more people next time. I think it would be a lot more fun with 10 people. It was tough with 3 people walking the entire time. I raised $230 and our team raised $746 collectively. Congratulations to all who walked with us in the Relay for Life! All the teams raised over $33,000!!! Thank you to the American Cancer Society for hosting the Relay for Life. I look forward to doing it again next year!




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