Greeting Card / Xmas Card

15 12 2008

This particular client wanted a xmas card, but they also wanted a card they could use all year round, as a note card. They own a lavender farm as well as a Christmas tree farm. They provided me with several photos of the two of them on their prized Triumph motorcycle in and around the lavender and trees. I did two sketches for them, one horizontal and one vertical. They wanted a vertical format, but they liked the horizontal sketch better. So I reworked the horizontal sketch into a taller format so they would be happy with it. Once I got their approval on the sketch I started the final drawing. This was done in colored pencils. I started in the foreground with the lavender and worked my way backwards to the trees. I created the note card first, then, I created the decorations for the tree using tracing paper. Which I then scanned and added in photoshop.




Here is a detail of the bike:


The clients ended up with a portrait they can display all year round of the two of them, and unique, personalized Christmas cards to send out to friends and family.




One response

20 12 2008
Phyllis & Don

We are so pleased with our portrait and cards. Sarah captured our likeness
and our “moment” at the farm perfectly. This gal is a delight to work with as well. Check out her website for more examples of her many and varied talents!

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