Cardinal Card

24 12 2008

This is a Christmas card I created for a client. They have been long time fans of my work. They wanted a red cardinal on a snowy branch with a Christmas ball on the end. Since this was a custom card they got to keep the original painting I created for them. They also had complete control on what to put on the inside of the card. The original is 8″ x 10″ and painted in watercolor.


They have gotten a wonderful response from friends and family about the card. To learn how to get your own custom card contact me for details.




One response

25 12 2008
Mary Robbins

Sarah created two portraits of me. One for my daugher, Val with her first puppy, Bianca. The second was of my husband, Wayne and one of our four dogs and his personal baby, Cooper. Interesting to me, many people comment that our three Bernese Mountain Dogs look alike. Not to Wayne and I. Not to Sarah. Sarah captured both the uniqueness of Cooper’s features, along with his and Wayne’s close bond. She also captured Bianca’s alertness, and the intense happiness you can see in Valerie’s face when she first held her brand new puppy. The capability to capture intimate details that make a portrait very personal and be able to do it with both human and canine subjects is a unique talent. I am so grateful to Sarah for pulling out the detail, making my gift so personal and being such an angel to work with. She is exceptional.

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