Figure Drawing

16 01 2009

I went to a figure drawing class last night. I haven’t done that in a loooooong time. It was great! I haven’t had the chance to draw the nude figure since college. We started out with a couple gesture drawings (short poses) to get warmed up, then we did one long pose for the rest of the time. Here are the results:

This first drawing was done with charcoal. I tinted the paper with vine charcoal then erased out the highlights and added in the darks last.


I didn’t want to overwork the charcoal drawing, so I started a new one in pencil. I can get a lot tighter with the details with pencil. Here is the second drawing.



I had a lot of fun, and the people were really nice. It turns out I’ve actually drawn this model before, when I was in college! Small world, huh?




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24 01 2009
3 Easy Steps to Measuring and Proportions in Figure Drawing | UNIQEZ

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17 07 2011

I’m hoping to take a few figure drawing classes myself. I recently picked up a pencil(pen) again and started drawing. It’s great to surf other blogs and see what people are doing. Keep up the good work and I really enjoy the days of creativity.

18 07 2011

Thanks Dave! I love figure drawing, I just don’t do it enough… I’m loving your subway drawings! Nice job!

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