Business Card Redesign — Nothing Fancy!

11 03 2009

Arnold Anderson came to me looking for new cards. He hasn’t had new cards printed in about ten years. “Nothing fancy” he says, “I just need to add my cell phone number.” 

Okay. I said.

No problem.

I came up with two versions of his new business card. I wanted to give him options. One was exactly like the old one, but updated. Nothing fancy. I added the new cell # and I was done. But I wasn’t happy with that. It sure wasn’t fancy, but it wasn’t good, either. Plus his name was in script. (which is kind of fancy…)But you can’t tell what he does. If someone were to look at this card quickly without reading it, they certainly wouldn’t think he remodeled houses…


The other one, I played with a little bit. It’s not “fancy” by any means, but it is clear and concise. I put his name and what he does on the left, as an intro. Then, I moved all the contact, registration and insurance information to the right side of the card. It clearly states, who he is and what he does first. Then it tells you how to get in contact with him. Since he is a contractor and often works with wood, I added a hard wood floor background behind the contact info. This helps his name pop out and says more about what he does without having to add more text. 


With the first card, your eye is searching all four corners of the card for the contact info and insurance information. The second card has all the information organized. It simply and quickly answers these three questions: Who is it? What do they do? How can I contact them? The addition of the wood makes the card stand out in a pile of lifeless business cards, making it memorable. You will recognize this card the next time you see it without having to read it. You already know it’s Arnold Anderson’s business card. Nothing fancy.




2 responses

14 03 2009
Jane P.

Fantastic! Which one did he pick? There is obviously an improvement. Beautiful work.

17 03 2009

I guess I should have specified… he chose the second one! The “new and improved” version. He’s been getting a lot of compliments on it as well! 🙂

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