Picasso at the Lupin Agile

7 05 2009

Emerson Theater Collaborative (ETC) is putting on their 4th production this coming July. Picasso at the Lupin Agile by Steve Martin in Mystic, CT. This play takes place in a bar (the Lupin Agile) in Paris in 1904 and follows the conversation of Einstein and Picasso, two very different and influential minds at the turn of the century.

I have been doing all of ETC’s illustrations as well as the design work since their inception last year. Here is the image that I created for Picasso at the Lapin Agile:


The play is cleverly written by Steve Martin (yes, that Steve Martin!). Picasso and Einstein are two very different types of geniuses. They are both young men at this point in time and are on the verge of greatness. Einstein is about to publish the Special Theory of Relativity followed by the General Theory of Relativity. Picasso was just ending his Blue Period, and was about to enter his Rose Period, (1904-1907) followed by cubism.

Come see this wonderfully clever play this summer!


The illustration is in pencil, and is approximately 12″ x 8″.




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