Guitar Clock

12 05 2009

I created this guitar for Artsake’s Earthsake show. The theme was recycled art, or anything that is earth-friendly, or dealing with the environment. I acquired this guitar from a friend who is an amazing guitar player. The guitar was going to be trashed, but I convinced him I could do something with it. He wanted to smash it “Kurt Cobain style”! I would not let him do it because I really liked the look of the guitar. I thought it could be something beautiful. He didn’t see it at first, because the guitar is actually unplayable. The neck of the guitar is bowed so severely that the strings won’t sit right on the neck. After much convincing and coercing, he agreed to give me the guitar instead of destroying it! He realized that just because it isn’t useful for it’s original purpose doesn’t mean that it can’t be salvaged and given life again. And that’s just what I did.


At first I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it, although I knew it would be perfect for the earthsake show at Artsake. It’s recycled!

I tore the back of the guitar off and carefully drilled a hole in the center of the body where I wanted the hands to go. I was a little worried that it would crack because it’s thin wood, but it didn’t. I then drew out “twelve” down the neck of the guitar and decided to make it blue to stand out. I used oil paint because I’m most familiar with the feel of it, and felt more comfortable using it, as opposed to acrylic. Then I got stuck again. How will I do the other numbers? I knew I had to do something big with “6” to make it stand out and fill up that space, but I wasn’t sure about “9” & “3”. And should I include all the numbers? Should I use musical notations to mark them? So many thoughts and ideas, but I didn’t want to go overboard. I came up with a simple and effective way to write Six, so it looked a little like the number. I then decided to go with primary colors to keep it bright and simple. I figured that drawing out every number, or even marking them would be too busy and take away from the simplicity of a guitar clock. So I just made a simple 9 and 3 in their respective places in a font that resembles the font found in musical notations.

There’s my guitar clock. I enjoyed making it and it now hangs in my kitchen ticking away above the kitchen table! If you’d like to purchase it, send me an email!

tick…    tock….      tick             tock

Time to play.




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