Metamorphosis – Finished

2 06 2009

It’s done. It has taken longer than I anticipated due to other projects and life getting in the way. I’ll be starting another one soon… hopefully this one won’t take 6 months to complete! 🙂 

This is the final version of the drawing from this post.



I transferred the original sketch onto illustration board and brushed on a thin layer of gesso. Just enough so it’s protected but I can still see the sketch underneath. The second step is to lay down the initial color with colored pencils and thin them out with turpentine. I do this to create a background layer and give it more dimension. Sometimes I do it more than once, if necessary. I then go over it with many different layers of colored pencils. I keep my pencils sharp and spray it with fixative if it gets to waxy and can’t take any more pigment.

Final drawing is 21.75″ x 6.5″ created with colored pencils.




2 responses

7 06 2009

it looks beautiful honey, i hope you continue to do more drawrings like this.

9 06 2009
Jenn DesAutels

I’m so glad you finished this! The original sketch was so interesting. I had not noticed the path down the middle. It looks so intriguing with the silver birch in the middle. It makes a statement about humans imposing order onto nature, no? Very nice.

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