Drifting — Illustration Friday

25 06 2009

Drifting through life, things change from day to day. You can’t fight it you have to accept these things and go with the flow, which is exactly what this dolphin here does. Coincidentally her name is Flo, and she now lives in my sketchbook. It took me longer than I anticipated to get the lighting down, because it started off looking like stripes, not the sunlight reflecting through the surface of the water. I think it works, do you?


This was drawn with a mechanical pencil in a Moleskin sketchbook.




6 responses

25 06 2009

like it!

25 06 2009

Yeah it definitely works–it looks so realistic, wow. Are you going to fill the rest of it in? With like scubba divers and underwater castles with sexy mermen?

25 06 2009

Ooooooo sweet! I also like it 😀

25 06 2009
Charlotte Cheng

i love the lighting work. . .did you use a reference pic?

25 06 2009

@todaynewsart – I probably won’t fill the rest in for now. If I do a final drawing I’ll add some fun stuff tho!

@Charlotte – Thanks! I did use reference. It’s from a photo I took when I was at an aquarium.

26 06 2009

Lovely sketch – light is great!

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