Art is in trouble

4 09 2009

I know we’ve been in a recession for a while now, but I’ll admit I’ve  been lucky. I am a freelance designer and illustrator. It’s slowed down this summer, but it’s summer, it happens every year. No one wants to work, including me! I don’t mind having a little more time to go out and enjoy the weather. Now that it’s September, I think people are ready to get back to business and kick-start this economy. It’s picked up a little for me and I hope it has for everyone else too.

I submitted my artwork recently to the Farmington Valley Arts Center (FVAC) Open Juried Show. I brought in my artwork on Tuesday and stole a glance at the other artwork around. The art was good! It was nice to be in competition with other people’s artwork again, and hopefully to be in a show. I’ve been slacking on entering competitions and trying to get my artwork shown lately. I thought I had a good chance of getting in. It was high caliber artwork, but all of it was different, and not one of them was similar to what I submitted.

I got a call last night informing me about the show. I had to come pick up my artwork today. Not because I didn’t make it into the show… no one did. The show at the FVAC was cancelled due to lack of funds… I listened to the message with my mouth agape. I couldn’t believe it. I was surprised and disappointed. Not only that the show was cancelled, but the FVAC was temporarily closing. Here is an excerpt from their website:

The Farmington Valley Arts Center Board of Directors has announced that the Center’s offices are closed effective immediately, and all scheduled classes and events cancelled until a strategic restructuring is completed.

So I went in today to pick up my artwork. I offered to help. I asked if there was anything I could do. They seemed surprised that I wanted to help! but grateful. They were so nice. I don’t like to see any arts organization, let alone one as prominent as the FVAC, go up in smoke. They also have working artists studios there, and they are not closed. I encourage everyone to swing by and see what the artists are doing… and buy something!! They are having an open studio next weekend (I think the activities are tentative, but the artists will be there for sure) September 12, 10am – 4pm.


The board of FVAC is going through a restructuring process and hopefully will come out bigger and better on the other side! I encourage everyone to support the arts and your local community. For most people art is a hobby. But for a select (lucky) few it’s a career. The FVAC supports the arts in all realms, and I hope you’ll support the FVAC.

Go to the FVAC website:




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