Two Weimaraners

12 10 2009

My latest portrait is complete! This is a portrait of two Weimaraners. Weims are beautiful dogs with a silvery/gray/brown coat that seems to change in the light. They are probably most known for being the inspiration of William Wegman‘s work. That’s a whole different blog post for another day!

I had a choice to do this portrait in colored pencils or pastels. I chose to do the portrait in colored pencil on a grey/purplish paper. I wanted to accentuate the richness of their coat, and I thought this was the best way to do it. I let the color of the paper show through in some parts. Colored pencils are much more delicate than pastels. I can layer the color over itself and come up with an entirely new color that way. Whereas, pastels are the color you see and when you try to blend them, they can get kind of muddy. Also with pastels I try to pick a colored paper that will contrast well with the final drawing. I like using colored pencils on paper where I can incorporate the color of the paper (since it usually shows through the pencil strokes) and build it up from there.


“2 Weims”, Colored pencil on grey paper, 10″ x 8″ This was created from two different photographs which I then combined into a sketch and was approved by the client prior to completing the final drawing.

Contact me for details on how to get your own portrait done!




5 responses

12 10 2009
Linda P.

Wow! Sarah, you did it again! I fell I know the temperment and personalities of the dogs just by your images! Colored pencils are the ideal medium for you.

13 10 2009
Jennifer V

Hi Sarah,
My husband LOVED the portrait 🙂 It is on the wall in our dining room where everyone can see it.

I must say that you have captured both my Weims perfectly without even having the chance to meet them at the time of this illustration. Like, I told you, I wanted to cry (happy tears), this will be a treasured piece for us! Thank you so much!!

14 10 2009
Daniel Dionne


I was thinking how jealous I am at your skill. Then I thought maybe I have some skill that you might too be jealous of! Awesome picture.

See you soon.

All my best,
Dan Dionne

1 11 2009
Val Nanovsky

Love it! Just look at their faces. Wonderful job Sarah!

– Val

20 11 2009
Custom Christmas Card « I am drawn to you.

[…] the wax. (sometimes, I use the color of the paper to enhance the colored pencils, such as in this piece) Using a solvent, such as turpentine, with eliminate the white […]

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