Seasons Greetings… better late than never!

26 01 2010

I knew that I wouldn’t have time to create a holiday card in time for Christmas, or even New Year’s. I had been busy with projects, and the paying jobs come first! I look forward (and dread) the holiday card every year. It’s always a fun project for me, but personal projects tend to take longer than expected sometimes… Since I knew this wouldn’t be a holiday card, but would still be within the season of winter I decided to do a “Seasons Greetings” card and play with thyme and time.

I created a seed packet, which I folded by hand using origami techniques. I then designed and illustrated the packet. There is an illustration of thyme and mentions of time. The front says, “Seasons Greetings! Plant these seeds and you’ll always have thyme to share.” I really do want people to actually plant the thyme and use it to spice up their lives. I’ve recently become a green thumb. (Well, not technically, but I have plants and they are staying alive, which is a great feat for me!) I used the thyme/time metaphor throughout the design of this. I wanted it to be clever and fun. The back reads, “There’s no time like the present, so here’s the gift of thyme”

I also included the latin name and what thyme is used for with the title “What Thyme Is It?” and  potting instructions with the title “Thyme’s Up!” Here’s a photo of  the front back and inside of my “seasonal” card.

I cut my Christmas card list short this year because of, not only my lack of time, but I only had so much thyme to give. (I can’t stop! 🙂  Send me an email if you would like a packet of Thyme from me and I’ll send one your way.




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