Valdorama Photography Brochure

18 02 2010

This was one of those projects that come along once in a while, where the client says “I want something different, get creative!” …and he actually meant it! Val Nanovsky is one of Connecticut’s premier wedding photographers. His photos are breathtaking and he wanted a brochure to showcase a variety of his work, in a way that would make people stop and look twice.

I decided to start with the folding. Once we have that down I can then move onto the design. Since this is going to be a dynamic piece I wanted to have a diagonal right off the bat. So I started with a square piece of paper and folded it on the diagonal. I played around a little more and as soon as Val saw it, he loved it! On to the design!

This was the challenging part… I had to fit photos which were perfectly composed as rectangles into triangular sections. Because of the way the brochure folded, there was no place for a square photo. All of Val’s photos were “brochure-worthy” but not all of them would fit into this brochure.

As usual, with a brochure of this caliber, we went through many revisions trying to get it right. I showed him multiple versions of the design as we went along to try to see which direction he was looking for. Eventually, we got it!

Val has a great eye, and along with that comes great composition. Val’s work is one of a kind. Each photo is a work of art, and I had a blast designing this brochure. It was a challenge at times, but that’s part of the fun. If it’s not challenging, you didn’t try hard enough! Along with being a great photographer he’s become a good friend too. We had so much fun working together we decided to get together to do a photo shoot of the final piece!

Check out his website for more samples of the amazing CT Wedding Photographer‘s work.

Here are some photos that Val took of me and the brochure: (click on them for a larger version)

Green CT Wedding Photographer Val Nanovsky “I capture some the most beautiful moments in your life. My work is all about you, your very special day, your desires and dreams.”




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19 02 2010
Linda P.

I love it!

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