Dr. Ira Tyre

24 02 2010

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Ira Tyre. The doctor gives all kinds of advice on what you should do with your money now, so that you can retire later. The doctor is in…

Dr. Ira Tyre is the alter ego of Dan Dionne. Dan Dionne lives in eastern CT and is a pro at networking. –That’s how I met him! He has started a group called “You’re Hired Re-employment Meetup Group” They meet on the last Tuesday of every month at Hall Library in Ellington, CT. Here is a quote from the Meetup Page:

The group was formed to empower individuals to greater heights of personal and professional development, while also gaining greater control of their own destiny. If you have experienced a job loss, I urge you to join the group to leverage and learn. We will have job coaches, resume writers, networking specialists, recruiters, human resource professionals and more come speak and present the “new realities” we all must master!

Here is what people are saying about Dan:

Alan Humphries
Expertise as a Technology Organization Manager – Formerly w/ BASF
“Dan is a great organizer with a very solid Meetup group focus for job seekers. The meeting provided me multiple opportunities for developing contacts that could lead to a new job. I received new potential target company leads, along with offers of assistance with existing target companies. Discussions were held concerning various strategies including LinkedIn, Marketing Plans, Resumes, On-Line Job Groups and recruiters. Individual stories and experiences were shared. It was an enjoyable meeting for me. I would highly recommend this group!”

Dan Miller
Expertise in CPC Sales, Marketing and Operations
“Wonderful forum to meet others informally. My only regret is not getting around to meet all of you. The 2+ hour event seemed like it flew by…which is always a good thing. Dan, thanks for setting this up and spotting me a pint of ale! I am huge believer in paying it forward and attempting to help out other job seekers. Very much enjoy networking with local professionals. I’ve been on the search for some time…but 2010 is our year!”

Click here to go to the Meetup Page.

Click Here to go to Dan’s Blog “Sales Pro for Hire”

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28 02 2010
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