Chiropractic Wellness

7 05 2010

Dr. David M. Spitz is a Chiropractor working out of his Bristol, CT office. He specializes in bringing healing not only to your back, but to your entire body. Unlike most medical doctors who tend to just treat symptoms, Dr. Spitz wants to find the cause of the problem and treat that. He has a unique program where individuals can improve their health and/or lose weight. He focuses on bringing nutrition and wellness into your lifestyle which will not only help the back problems and headaches you may be having, but also help you lose weight.

Dr. Spitz wanted a card that would portray this. He wanted a card that looked “thin”. Just the essentials. So I specifically chose a clean, thin, easy-to-read font. Since Dr. Spitz’s primary occupation is Chiropractic Care, I decided to create an abstracted spinal column with a simple brushstroke. I used the color green because it signifies nature. Natural remedies to make you feel better and lose weight. I kept a lot of white space on the card because I want your eye to breathe. I’m sure you’ve seen business cards with way too much information tucked into a tiny little card. Too much information makes it hard to read, and your eye doesn’t know where to go.

This card is simple. It starts with the name and title, then what he does, and finally contact info.

If you’d like to know more about Dr. Spitz and how he promotes wellness, please go to his blog: Weight Loss Dr.

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One response

4 06 2010
David Spitz

Thanks so much for doing a great job for me. I highly recommend your services.

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