Pet portrait, just for me. :)

1 04 2011

I was asked to donate a gift certificate for a pet portrait to a fundraiser called “Wet Paint” to benefit the FOCUS fund in Farmington. They had lots of artwork there from many artists around town being auctioned off. They asked to have a portrait there on display… to which I replied: I don’t have one! Of course, I have done many portraits in my career, but they are all for other people! I sell them and many times, never see them again. 😦  BUT this was a great opportunity for me to create a portrait of my own puppy, Maxwell.

We rescued him about a year ago, and he is the best dog I could have asked for! Part German Shepherd and part Basset Hound, he’s got the best of worlds. He’s smart like a shepherd, but easy going and lazy like a basset. He looks like a long, short legged, floppy eared German Shepherd! Yes, a little silly, but utterly adorable! And that’s just the reason why I had to rescue him. He fit in perfectly at our house! So I have many many many pictures of him doing cute things. Lots of options to draw, but no time. I tend to focus on work that pays and put my own projects on hold (this is something that I’m working on changing). So This was the perfect opportunity to MAKE me draw my dog to put on display as an example of a pet portrait.


Here he is! Green is my favorite color and I think he stands out nicely on it. Pastel, 8×10. I have another photo of him that I want to do on black paper and he will just POP right off the page! …hopefully it won’t take me a year to do it. again.





2 responses

1 04 2011
Jane Palzere

That’s beautiful. So lifelike and so much personality. You are so good!

2 04 2011

Adorable, so much spirit in his eyes. And green is a good color for him 🙂

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