I’m not talented…

7 04 2011

People always tell me how talented I am. Bear with me here: I’m not bragging, I’m making a point. 🙂 I’m very flattered when people like my work. I think it’s even more amazing when people love it so much they want to buy it and put on their own wall! I’m surprised every time someone buys my work. But I shouldn’t be. I know I’m good. (again, not bragging, ok a little.)

Getting to my point, I’ve studied for years and years. I’ve learned from the best art teachers and professors and professional artists and now colleagues. I’ve spent days/weeks/months on a single painting, trying to get it just right. But I wasn’t always this good. I started out not so good. But I loved doing it. I loved the fact that a white piece of paper could turn into something that I created, from my point of view. I did that. It wasn’t there before, then I dreamt it up and now it’s mine. For you to see. You can see what I just made up. How amazing is that??? To be able to show people what’s in your head. (Although, some people’s thoughts are better left inside… ) It’s something that I fell in love with early on. And that love has pushed me to continue to be better at it and keep studying and drawing.

I started out no better than you at drawing. I just loved it more. It’s skill. It’s something that I practiced and I got better. I used to play the piano. Same story, people would tell me I was talented… but I can’t really play it now. (Side note: My parents would bribe me to practice the piano, for every minute I practiced I would get one m&m… Have I mentioned how much I love chocolate? Yeah, I was good at playing the piano!) I haven’t played in years. It’s a skill that I have neglected. It comes back easily, but not without some struggle. …and a strange craving for chocolate!

My point is, you can draw too. Don’t be afraid. Just draw something. I’m also guilty of not drawing because I don’t want to draw something “bad”. Or don’t want to ruin that canvas. But so what! Do it anyway. No one has to see it but you! But you won’t get any better without making mistakes, and realizing what that mistake was, and how to make it better next time. I guess you could say I don’t believe in talent, I just believe in hard work. Just keep at it. Keep learning and doing what you love. I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love for a living. I’ve been training my whole life for this…





2 responses

8 04 2011

No matter how much I practice drawing dogs, it always comes out the same. (You know what I mean.. hahahaha)

P.s. – You ARE so talented!!

11 04 2011

Lisa – I guarantee, I’ve drawn a bazillion more dogs than you have!

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