The Big Bank

5 05 2011

This summer coming to ETC is an original musical The Big Bank by Jacob and Daniel Seligman. Here is my interpretation of the concept of the play:

The Big Bank

The play is about a bank that enjoys foreclosing on businesses and taking all of their things. The main character of the play, Stuart, is tasked with the job of foreclosing on a flower shop. Incidentally, he falls in love with the shop keeper, Iris.

I played around with a bunch of different themes for this one, and I got kind of stuck on the bank being an evil empire. So, originally, I came up with this icon, which didn’t really convey the right message. (Since, in the end the bank isn’t so evil.) Although I really like this icon, which is why I’m sharing it with you. 🙂 Ultimately the story is about hope and love and so this image was not the best to convey that.

Evil BankFrom this point, I got a little stuck. So I cleared my head and started over. I needed to do something with the flower image as well as have money be a central theme. Then it came to me! He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, and the petals of the flower are money. So there’s a two-for-one image here. There is the love story, and the uncertainty of that, as well as the bank just take take taking money.

The Big Bank

Above is the illustration “in-action”. It’s pen & ink and watercolor. I wanted to keep the lighthearted feeling of it, because after all it is a comedy! The title of the play is also hand drawn to add to that fun feeling of it.

The play will be running in Mystic at the end of July. To read more about the Big Bank, and find out how to get tickets go to




One response

15 06 2011
Jacob Seligmann

This is cool. I like reading about the proccess and seeing the other image. I have grown to really like what you’ve done for The Big Bank. It’s a really nice image and conveys a lot. Thank you so much for your creative efforts. I hope to meet you at the show!

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