30 Days of Creativity – Day 1

21 06 2011

So I just heard about this today… 21 days late! There is a website called 30daysofcreativity and it basically encourages you to be creative for the entire month of June. I just came across it today, but this is exactly what I need to help my own artwork and motivation. So I’ll do it anyway, starting today!

I will be posting every day for the next 30 days. Since I have a creative job and tend to do creative things every day anyway, I’m setting my own criteria that these posts can not have anything to do with work! They cannot be paid for! They have to be my own artwork/projects/creations motivated by nothing but pure creativity. I am not allowed to post a logo I created that day or a design or drawing I did for a client. I think that would be cheating.

The whole purpose of this exercise is to get out of my comfort zone and create something new. Try something new. Even if it sucks! It’s the effort that counts… right?

I need to think less and do more. I tend to get caught up in the details and the big picture, when I should at the very least do something small, once a day.

So here’s day one of 30 Days of Creativity:

I had some Sculpey Clay lying around and decided to make a character. He started off as just a blob and I didn’t know where he was going to end up. I like pig noses, so I decided to make a pig. He’s cooking now and I will paint him another day. That was fun!

hmmmm… what will I make tomorrow?? I don’t know! Come back and see!




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21 07 2011
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[…] Day 1 I created a pig. I sculpted him out of sculpy clay, and baked him. Today I decided to paint him. […]

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