Day 3 – 30 Days of Creativity

23 06 2011

Back to the basics. I have a lot to do today, so I can’t spend as much time on a finished drawing as I did yesterday. (Although it was fun!) This project is more about doing many small things and not taking on more than I can chew.  So I decided to do a contour drawing without picking up my pen off the paper. (I may have cheated once or twice, but you can’t notice, so don’t tell anyone).

Day 3It’s a gardening glove on a wooden monitor stand that my Dad made for me. Sidenote: There’s no monitor on it anymore, because I just got a new one for my laptop which is open on the bottom and that helps it breathe. It is definitely cooler now, and I think I’ll get at least another year out of my laptop now that it no longer has asthma and can breathe properly. ANYWAY…  Day 3 done!




One response

23 06 2011

You captured the texture and character of the glove with only one line! But where do they sell gloves with your name on them?

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