Day 7 – revisited

29 06 2011

Here is the finihsed potholder from day 7:

HOT! Potholder

I was telling my neighbor about the HOT! potholder, and he reminded me that potholders are not supposed to be hot, so on the reverse side, I put COLD. You are only supposed put the HOT! side against hot things and COLD is the side that you touch… if you use it the other way around, I’m not responsible for your injuries. Here is the COLD side:

COLD potholder

Below is the pattern that I created to make the potholders. They are 30 stitches wide and 30 stitches tall. I then crocheted the edges together using the gray from the COLD side and the yellow from the HOT side, and added a loop for hanging. Enjoy! (click on the image for a larger jpg)

Crochet Potholder Pattern

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29 06 2011
Day 7 – 30 Days of Creativity « I am drawn to you.

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