Day 9 – 30 Days

29 06 2011

So today is a little different, but it’s still creative. I’ve had these miniature red roses for a while now, and they keep blooming and dying and growing bigger and blooming again. I love these little flowers and so I painted this pot I had lying around, a whimsical blue and white spiral, and potted them in it. (I did that about a month ago, so that doesn’t count for today, but it is creative so it counts for something, right?) The only thing is, it always looked so sparse because they really are small flowers, and the pot that I had was kind of large. Oh well, the pot is cute right?

I went to the grocery store today and they had more of these little roses — buy one get one FREE!! I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I bought a yellow one and an orange one, to compliment the red one that I already had. They are going to look so cute in the blue and white pot I have! Plus the red one is quite a bit taller than the two new ones, so it gives it a little height and now it has volume too!

Here’s a picture of the pot with Maxwell sitting so nicely.

Potted Roses


Here’s another shot of him smelling the roses, or maybe he is eating them… 🙂

Smell The Roses

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2 responses

29 06 2011

They look great! Good job!

30 06 2011
Sophia's Mommy

Max says “Good Job! They smell nice! :)”

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