Day 12 – 13 – 14, of 30 days of Creativity

5 07 2011

It was a weekend away from the computer, but not a weekend away from creativity! Here are three days in onc post.


Every year, right around this time, the Tiger Lilies come up. My mom has them planted in between two sliding glass doors, and for the 4th of July weekend there is an American Flag hanging behind them. It’s very summer and very patriotic. Oh yeah, and beautiful.  (pencil)

Tiger Lily

There is a tree out back with a spot light on it. It had all these mushroom type things growing on them and it created a great texture. I don’t think I captured it how I wanted, but at least I tried… (pen and brown ink)

Tree Trunk

When I got home, I went for a walk and picked some wild flowers. They were Black Eyed Susans and some other smaller white flowers. I just couldn’t help it. I usually don’t pick flowers, but these I just had to. So I drew one of them. A quick pastel sketch.

Black Eyed Susan

So that’s the weekend rolled into one post. Stay tuned for Monday’s post…

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5 07 2011

Nice Job Sarah!

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