Day 24 – 30 Days of Creativity

17 07 2011

I’m all about letterboxing now! I already made my stamp. I went to the art store today intending to purchase a notebook specifically for letterboxing. I saw a Moleskine that I really liked, but figured… I can make that!

I used an old map for the cover. I wanted it to be like the Moleskine I saw, and I wanted it to be more of a story instead of a standard book. So I made it one long piece of paper folded into a book. This way, each new letterbox stamp gets it’s own page, but you can pull it out and look at them all together too! Here are a few pics of the book:


This shows the cover pretty well. The finished book size is 3.25×5.25, small enough to fit in your back pocket while hiking.




Here you can see how the pages fold.

This is how the book unfolds. There’s another picture with Max in the background with a normal face, but I thought this one was funnier… he’s yawning, OR he’s really excited about all the hikes we are going to go on!

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