Day 26 – 30 Days of Creativity

21 07 2011

I’ve been teaching my little cousin art lessons. She is learning how to paint with acrylics right now. She made me miss painting. I haven’t painted in a very long time. I draw often, and I love pastels and colored pencils, but painting is different. It’s more of a challenge. The paintbrush is less predictable than a sharp pencil tip. But I love it. I love painting, and have to do it more often. I usually use hot press watercolor paper. Hot press watercolor paper is smooth, cold press has a texture to it. It comes down to control. Watercolor is a fickle medium and I want to control it. Which, with practice, is doable, but time consuming and hard. I’ve found that most people use cold press watercolor paper. Most people are also less controlling of the medium than I am and let it flow freely. I have a hard time letting go, though I have to realize that it’s okay to let the medium go where it wants to. It’s part of the beauty of watercolor.

So my creative thing for today was to paint an apple in watercolor on textured paper. It was a challenge, and I have to learn when to stop painting and just let it be….

watercolor apple

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