Google Drive

27 06 2012

I have been working on my trusty MacBook Pro for 6 years now, and it’s started to slow down a bit, I’m starting to use up all the 200GB that came with it, and I’ve been periodically backing up my files just to keep enough room to work.

I connected my computers through the network, which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The MacBook Pro, just showed up in my sidebar, and I signed in! Imagine that! (I did have to “share” the right folders on my old computer, but it was easy)

Once I did that I was going to just start shifting things over, through the network from one computer to the other, and it would probably take awhile depending on the speed of the network, and how many files I was moving. I was moving a LOT of files.

Then I discovered Google Drive…  It’s just like dropbox, but better. (Of course it is, everything Google makes is better!) You get 5GB free, and 25 GB, for a measly $2.49 per month. What?! I already had the free Dropbox of 2GB, which over the years (through referrals, 500MB/per) has grown to almost 5GB.

So I decided that I’m going to go Google. I purchased the extra plan, and I’m in the process of syncing my files with Google Drive now.

If you don’t know what Dropbox or Google Drive is, it is a magical thing. There is a folder on your computer, that Google (or Dropbox) will sync with the Cloud. Don’t know what the Cloud is? Don’t worry, no one really does. It’s a fantastical dreamland where your files reside, and are forever safe from the evils of a hard drive failure. Not that your computer is safe–don’t get me wrong. Your computer could kick the bucket at any time, but your files, your files will be safe and sound in the cloud.

So once I’m done syncing all my files to the cloud, I will create another synced folder on my iMac where it will begin downloading all the files.

What is the difference between doing this sync, and transferring them manually, you ask? Well, let me tell you. 🙂 I originally bought a MacBook Pro so that I could travel with my computer and be able to work wherever I am. I wanted an iMac as my new computer because it’s more powerful, and has a larger screen. I can now do both, work on my fancy shmancy iMac at home, and my practical MacBook wherever I want. And I know wherever I am, I’m working on the same files. No more forgetting this file, or that one. It’s all synced on the cloud…

The magical, fantastical cloud.

Here is my current state of affairs: Still syncing the cloud, it will take awhile.

I’m also backing up my laptop, one last time, before I clean everything off of it and go to the cloud. I’ll post an update when I get everything up and running to let you know how everything turned out.