Art for the Open Heart

22 01 2013

February 9, 6-9pm
Artspace Gallery
555 Asylum Ave, Hartford, CT

I will be participating in this exhibition coming up at Artspace. It is a fundraiser to help Tao LaBossiere pay  for his open heart surgery that he will need in February. Tao has been instrumental in the growth of Artspace gallery and the Hartford art community as a whole. He has been a resident of Artspace since it’s inception in 1997, and is the volunteer director of the gallery.

I have created this piece specifically for this event. “I love you” Painted with oils. There is a heart in the background, it’s kind of hard to tell with the lighting, but it’s there. Love and all. ❤

I Love Hands

From the Facebook event page:

Not to be missed exhibit will feature hundreds of artworks by more than one hundred local artists. $10+ donation at the door.

Music by DJ Jon Eastman
Wine presented by Two Guys and a Lotta Wine
Food by Salute, Fire ‘n Spice, Ginza Japanese Restaurant

This is a benefit for Tao LaBossiere’s Open Heart Surgery.

20% or more of any sales will be generously donated to the “Tao LaBossiere Open Heart Fund.” ALL event proceeds will benefit the “Tao LaBossiere Open Heart Fund”. Tao is in need of open heart surgery and his catastrophic insurance will leave him with more than $45,000+ in medical bills. We are creating an art show that benefits all participating artists, as well as a Benefit for Tao, that will help him to avoid financial ruin from this unexpected necessary medical condition.

Tao LaBossiere has been volunteering to help artists and build up the artist community through ArtSpace Hartford Gallery since 1997. He is the volunteer force behind 18-21 art shows each year for the past 15 years, each attended by hundreds equaling thousands of lives touched yearly, by Tao’s assistance. If you have ever been part of an art show at Hartford ArtSpace Gallery, or if your friends have ever even attended an event, then you have directly benefited by his volunteer efforts. Additionally, you should note his years of volunteer support to the artists of Hartford Artists Open Studio Weekend, CowParade, West Hartford Art League, and Oil Drum Art. He is humbled and grateful for any and all help you decide to freely give.

If anyone would prefer to donate directly in lieu of participation, feel free to send a check to:
TD Bank
c/o Tao LaBossiere Open Heart Fund
203 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT 06103

Or donate online at:

For those artists looking to participate:

$20 Entry Donation per piece, no limit to number of pieces an artist may submit. Size limit of 4 ft in any direction. Diptychs and Triptychs count as individual pieces.

First come, first served until the gallery is full, salon-style. We will direct you in hanging the work as it comes in and reserve the right to tweak the show to it’s best display for all.

Art Drop off:
Monday, Feb 4, 5 to 7 pm
Tuesday, Feb 5, 5 to 7 pm
and by appointment (contact Amy LaBossiere 860-543-3244)

Hope to see you there!! 


High Priestess

21 01 2013

I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a part of a show here at Artspace called, “The Oracles”. It was an amazing show where 22 artists were asked to create a tarot card, each one of the major arcana. I was asked to create the High Priestess.

Once I started reading about the High Priestess and everything she represents, I really felt like I needed more of her in my life. Basically, the High Priestess is about looking within and following your instincts. Knowing that you know best. I hadn’t been following my instincts and I feel it threw me off course for a little while. I’m back on track now, following what I feel and not over thinking things. (at least I try to… 🙂 easier said than done) She is mysterious and mystical and knows all. She is typically shown with a black and white pillar on each side of her, symbolizing dark and light decisions and she stands in contemplation between the two. Instead of the pillars, I have used the light itself to illustrate the light and dark sides of the high priestess. She is half in light and half in shadow. She is holding onto scrolls, information that you can see, but she is not quick to reveal.

She is usually crowned by the moon, shining light on what you may not have noticed before. I show the moon behind her following a spiral that emanates from her third eye. The Golden Spiral. I have always been fascinated with the Golden Ratio, as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing mathematical equation. It’s found in nature and in architecture. Whether it’s on purpose or an accident, it’s fascinating to me. It seems like a paradox–math and art–but also, so very obvious. Of course it can be boiled down to numbers. Of course there is order in this chaos. Of course everything is connected. You just have to listen. From your inner workings, to your outer world.

High PriestessHigh Priestess, 18″ x 24″, oil paint

This show was amazing to be a part of, and I’m so happy to have been involved in it. There was a tarot deck made from the 22 original pieces of artwork that were shown, which you can buy online here.

Thank you to Dawn Manogue who coordinated this project as a part of her culminating project for a Masters Degree in Integrative Health and Healing with the Graduate Institute.

Support Women Artists Now – SWAN Day!

18 03 2009

I will be taking part in SWAN Day in Hartford. SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now) is an event for women artists from Connecticut and the surrounding areas to come together and support each other. I will be selling prints of my work, along with cards, and some originals. Lots of other artists will be there selling artwork, including with women who make jewelry, sculptures, painting, photographs, film, and music.

SWAN Day will take place at the Warehouse in Hartford, CT, 45 Bartholomew Ave on March 28 at 7:00 pm.



We have quite an eclectic group of emerging women artists and each is truly unique to it’s genre. I guarantee if you are a lover of art, music, or comedy SWAN DAY CT has something for everyone. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE WOMEN GET TOGETHER AND PLAY FOLK MUSIC THINGS!! WE HAVE A BIT OF A NON RATED THING GOING ON COMPLETE W/ EXOTIC DANCERS AND MAGIC!

The show will feature comedienne Christine O’Leary as guest MC, Indie Soul Rockers Jennifer Hill and Co, Magdelana lead singer of The Roxies,15 Year Old Guitar sensation Desiree Bassett, Sarah Lemeiux and the Super Blue Band, Alternative Rockers Eula, Maiiah THE “Serpent Dancer”, The Shelley Valuskus Experience and singer/ song writer Kierstin Sieser.

Artists will also take the stage for live painting and artistic demonstrations.
Artists: Kerry Kozaczuk,Vicious Kitty, Kimba, Aisling Svennungsen, Stephanie Lush, Melissa Foetsch, Stephanie Santoro, Shawnna Hall, Marisa Copley, Laurie Beth Maffeo, Stephanie D’Ranged, Kelly Green, Sarah Paolucci


These acts will be appearing onstage while offstage, artists of paint, photography,  jewelry, sculpture, and mixed media will be showing their work to admire and to buy.

Special Guests Sean G from the Results Crew will be there as your dj to spin all night and James Kaine will be there to mystify you with his magical talents.

For more information on SWAN Day CT

Also check out The Warehouse @


I hope to see you there!


29 01 2009

Here is my latest piece. Please click on it to get a better view. It’s kind of small in this environment.  I wanted to do a metamorphosis like many of my idols have done: MC Escher, David Wiesner, and Sandro Del-Prete (who I just found recently!). They have invented these worlds that morph into each other all on their own. By playing with perspective and placement these artists create impossible worlds. Something that cannot be done with a camera. That’s what I’m trying to capture here. 

There isn’t really a name for this yet, just “Metamorphosis” for now. I noticed as I was drawing that there is wood in every part of this metamorphosis. In the first part the candle is sitting on a windowsill (made of oak) with trees in the background that come around and become the foreground. The branches, then, turn into streets in the map which is sitting on a table made of pine. So maybe the name of this should have something to do with wood? or trees? Any suggestions?? The map is loosely based on Hartford. Not for any particular reason other than I’m from that area. 🙂

I will be doing more morphing and playing with perspective pieces. I have always been fascinated by it. So stay tuned for more! This piece is done in graphite, and it is 7″ x 22″. (I will also be doing a color version of this with colored pencils.)