High Priestess

21 01 2013

I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a part of a show here at Artspace called, “The Oracles”. It was an amazing show where 22 artists were asked to create a tarot card, each one of the major arcana. I was asked to create the High Priestess.

Once I started reading about the High Priestess and everything she represents, I really felt like I needed more of her in my life. Basically, the High Priestess is about looking within and following your instincts. Knowing that you know best. I hadn’t been following my instincts and I feel it threw me off course for a little while. I’m back on track now, following what I feel and not over thinking things. (at least I try to… 🙂 easier said than done) She is mysterious and mystical and knows all. She is typically shown with a black and white pillar on each side of her, symbolizing dark and light decisions and she stands in contemplation between the two. Instead of the pillars, I have used the light itself to illustrate the light and dark sides of the high priestess. She is half in light and half in shadow. She is holding onto scrolls, information that you can see, but she is not quick to reveal.

She is usually crowned by the moon, shining light on what you may not have noticed before. I show the moon behind her following a spiral that emanates from her third eye. The Golden Spiral. I have always been fascinated with the Golden Ratio, as it’s the most aesthetically pleasing mathematical equation. It’s found in nature and in architecture. Whether it’s on purpose or an accident, it’s fascinating to me. It seems like a paradox–math and art–but also, so very obvious. Of course it can be boiled down to numbers. Of course there is order in this chaos. Of course everything is connected. You just have to listen. From your inner workings, to your outer world.

High PriestessHigh Priestess, 18″ x 24″, oil paint

This show was amazing to be a part of, and I’m so happy to have been involved in it. There was a tarot deck made from the 22 original pieces of artwork that were shown, which you can buy online here.

Thank you to Dawn Manogue who coordinated this project as a part of her culminating project for a Masters Degree in Integrative Health and Healing with the Graduate Institute.


Portrait of a little girl

8 09 2011

Here is the latest portrait. Her name is Emma, she is turning two soon. This was a portrait commissioned for her father’s birthday.

Portrait of a young girl

8×10 – colored pencil

Pet portrait, just for me. :)

1 04 2011

I was asked to donate a gift certificate for a pet portrait to a fundraiser called “Wet Paint” to benefit the FOCUS fund in Farmington. They had lots of artwork there from many artists around town being auctioned off. They asked to have a portrait there on display… to which I replied: I don’t have one! Of course, I have done many portraits in my career, but they are all for other people! I sell them and many times, never see them again. 😦  BUT this was a great opportunity for me to create a portrait of my own puppy, Maxwell.

We rescued him about a year ago, and he is the best dog I could have asked for! Part German Shepherd and part Basset Hound, he’s got the best of worlds. He’s smart like a shepherd, but easy going and lazy like a basset. He looks like a long, short legged, floppy eared German Shepherd! Yes, a little silly, but utterly adorable! And that’s just the reason why I had to rescue him. He fit in perfectly at our house! So I have many many many pictures of him doing cute things. Lots of options to draw, but no time. I tend to focus on work that pays and put my own projects on hold (this is something that I’m working on changing). So This was the perfect opportunity to MAKE me draw my dog to put on display as an example of a pet portrait.


Here he is! Green is my favorite color and I think he stands out nicely on it. Pastel, 8×10. I have another photo of him that I want to do on black paper and he will just POP right off the page! …hopefully it won’t take me a year to do it. again.


New Cat Portrait

22 06 2010

This is Zoe, the newest portrait. In the photo that was provided, Zoe was lying on a baseball hat, but I wasn’t sure  exactly what it was. I asked if it was a computer mouse, and the client laughed, and said no. But she thought it was funny, so I asked if she wanted me to draw one in place of the hat, since it was unrecognizable anyway. So that’s exactly what I did!

Pastel on burgundy paper, 8×10


18 01 2010

It was a success! I was at Petals and Paws in Canton this past weekend, and did many sketches for many happy clients. It was so nice to be able to meet the dogs and their owners and be able to do a sketch for them on the spot.

If you are interested in a pet portrait, please contact me for prices and timeline.

Thanks to Petals and Paws for letting me draw in their store, and thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Sketches by Sarah @ Petals and Paws!

12 01 2010

Petals and Paws is having a customer appreciation weekend, on January 16 & 17, and they have asked me to do a demo for them. Sign up today at the Petals and Paws in Canton to get a pencil sketch done by Sarah for only $10!! Bring your favorite photo of your pet (any kind of pet will do) and I will draw a quick 8″x10″ pencil sketch, while you wait! I’ll be there from noon to 2 pm, so be sharp and don’t forget the photo!!

Along with Sketches By Sarah, Petals & Paws is also providing dog training demos, including rally, games, basic obedience, and canine good citizen testing. There is ice cream making (you have to sign up for that, too), prizes, raffles, and other vendors that will be addressing dog’s and cat’s health and diets.

Petals and Paws is located at 465 Albany Tnpk, Canton, CT 860-693-8760

Highlights from this Season!

28 12 2009

For over a month now, I’ve been working on portraits for the holidays. I have wanted to post them, but didn’t want to ruin the surprise! Here are a few highlights from this holiday season:

This is Muffin – 8×10, Colored pencil on black paper.

Above is Matteo, 8×10, Colored pencil on black paper.

Above is Abby, 8×10, pastel on green paper.

This is 11×14, pastel on blue paper.

This is 8×10, pencil on white paper.

Thank you all for supporting me this season! I am working on some portraits for January, and you’ll see those when completed. I enjoyed working with each and every one of you. Have a happy and safe New Year!