Sophia’s 2nd Birthday, The Starfish

5 08 2012

My niece turned two last week. She is the most adorable little thing, with the funniest expressions. I decided that I wanted to do something special for her, and I just happened to be hiking to the top of Mt. Washington the week before her birthday party. I had knitted this starfish, and it was lying around, something that happens a lot when I make things. They just sit there…. But then I thought about bringing it to the top of the highest point in New England. Then it would be special, then it would be different. Then it would have opened it’s eyes……

So that’s just what I did.

Mt. Washington Starfish

It was a very foggy day, and visibility was practically zero. But we made it. It was an amazing hike, and I can’t wait until next year, to do it again.

So aside from the starfish (and me) making it to the top of the mountain, it needed a story.

Here is the story I wrote to go along with it. I was fully intending for it to be just two verses, short and sweet, but it ended up a little longer than anticipated and will probably grow even more over time….

Auntie Sarah took this starfish,
Up the mountain to make a wish.
He was so plain, at the mountain’s base,
He had no eyes, no mouth, no face.

She hiked and hiked, til she reached the top,
She could go no higher and had to stop.
Sarah held the starfish up so high,
It may have even touched the sky.

She wished so hard with all her might
He started to glow and shine so bright,
They were high as any human could go
And something made this starfish know.

He knew of all the things before,
the things that were forevermore.
He knew all things that are hereafter
He knew silence and he knew laughter.

He had come to life at the top of that mountain
knowledge flowed to him, like a fountain.
At that moment he opened his eyes,
he couldn’t speak, but he had become wise.