Who am I?

I am a graphic designer/illustration working out of my studio in Connecticut just trying to get by. I like to create things. I want to be a successful “creator” I guess… I like new and different things, I like color, and I like the lack of color. I want to do lots of different things all at once. I’m the ultimate multi-tasker.

I love a challenge, if I don’t know how to do something, I soon will. I take it on and learn everything there is to know about it. I will be an expert the next time we speak. I’m not excellent at grammar, so don’t expect that here, I’m an expert artist. I will be showcasing new artwork and talking about it here.

I hope you like it, it’s all about me.

If you want to contact me you can email me at: sarah[at]sarahpaolucci[dot]com


One response

7 08 2008
Joanne Kelley

Hi Sarah,
I am just writing to tell you that I love the Doubt illustration. I am an old friend of the plays author, grew up in the same neighborhood (which is also where the play takes place) in the Bronx. Your piece is very evocative of the streets of my childhood. It was pretty harsh and we were so starving for a little nature that we would hang out on the grassy slope beside the Cross Bronx Expressway. How sad is that? lol Actually, it was a fabulous place to grow up. Anyway, I love your design, it’s perfect for this play! Joanne Kelley

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